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BLDC Motor According To The Application Of Stepping Motor

Oemotor Electric Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

BLDC Motor According to the application of stepping motor

Market Trend Analysis of Stepping Motor, Servo Motor and Brushless Motor

The size of the stepper motor market, has always been a public opinion.

Because there is no professional statistics as a support, or where each manufacturer's trade secrets, so far the various types of stepper motor market size analysis, basically in the qualitative and quantitative judgments in the middle.

According to the application direction of stepping motor and new market changes, especially in recent years, PM stepping motor in the field of home appliances and smart devices in large numbers prove that the application of stepping motor in the small volume of intelligent equipment in the next 10 to 20 years , Will continue to strengthen the trend! At the same time, from the human point of view to consider, a large number of small devices to facilitate human intelligence, the demand for stepper motor also showed a rising trend. Take for example the recent emergence of a smart home-made food processor that allows kids to make small animal food products of different shapes and surprises for children at home using different ingredients. The small devices use three to five stepper motors for control.

In theory, with the decrease of encoder cost and the continuous improvement of software control technology, the substitution of servo motors in some fields is beyond doubt. However, with the continuous emergence of new applications, the opposite step Into the motor market in more areas proved its strong vitality and high cost, so the size of its market in the next 10-20 years to expand to the current size of two to three times will not just guess! Looking at the application of brushless DC motors in recent years and the global market changes, the domestic market in China has undergone tremendous changes. A Dongguan Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. to a wave of energy-saving environmental protection as the theme of DC brushless AC motor replacement boom has emerged. In many industries, Chinese manufacturers have got rid of the price coolest, began to move forward in performance!

A mechanical and electrical development of DC brushless drive, from the performance, function and other aspects, there has been a comprehensive alternative to the trend of Japan's Orient Motor-related products, and from the price, then it has the advantage of Made in China, the current Europe and the United States and Japan Equipment manufacturers have turned to a similar product can turn!

Analysis of its internal causes may be due to its leading brushless motor-driven new algorithm, based on the reference to the relevant German technology, with its unique patented technology to achieve a senseless estimation closed-loop, so that the DC Brushless motor control algorithm on the advanced point of view, has basically equivalent to the mainstream of foreign products.

I believe in the near future, in addition to leading the other brands in the country occupy most of the market share, the Dongguan Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. will, in a multi-series, multi-aircraft models, the full open to the European and American companies and eventually become A global, leading brushless motor driver supplier to other national brands.

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