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BLDC Motor Miniature Motor

Oemotor Electric Co.,Limited | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

BLDC Motor Miniature motor

Brushless DC stepper motor

Permanent magnet DC motor is a micro-motor, used in a number of different industries. With the development of the times, permanent magnet DC motor applications will be more, the original use of AC motor many occasions are replaced by permanent magnet DC motor. In particular, after the emergence of permanent magnet brushless motor, the number of permanent magnet DC motor production continues to rise. China's annual production of various permanent magnet DC motor up to billions of units, the production of permanent magnet DC motor manufacturers countless.

Permanent magnet DC motors are widely used in a variety of portable electronic equipment or appliances, such as tape recorders, VCD machines, record players, electric massage and a variety of toys, but also widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric bicycles, battery cars, Aviation, machinery and other industries, in a number of sophisticated products are also widely used, such as video recorders, copiers, cameras, mobile phones, precision machine tools, banknote cash registers, bundles, etc .; in the stage lighting, permanent magnet DC motor, Is a small permanent magnet DC gear motor is very large. The computer industry in the printer, scanners, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, burners, cooling fans and so on to use a large number of permanent magnet DC motor; automotive industry in a variety of fans, wipers, water pumps, Mirror, pump is used to a variety of permanent magnet DC motor. Automatic doors in the hotel, automatic door locks, automatic curtains, automatic water supply system, Roujin machine, etc. are used permanent magnet DC motor. In industry and agriculture, permanent magnet DC motor is also widely used in electrical and automation control and instrumentation. In life, the use of more, and now even the toothbrush with permanent magnet DC motor made of electric toothbrush. Permanent magnet DC motor application is really lifted, it can be said to be everywhere. The main structure of the motor: there is a permanent magnet, the rotor (coil), for the brush, commutator; motor through the DC, the rotor's live coil into an electromagnet, will be in the permanent magnet magnetic force As the rotor rotates, the current inside the coil changes direction by the commutator, changing the pole of the rotor (electromagnet), allowing the rotor to continue to rotate continuously The In general, the motor is the power of the power, into the mechanical energy, and through the shaft output; mechanical energy output includes two: drive - motor output rotation, through the gear box or other customers of a series of mechanical parts will be converted into low- Translating, etc. Other modes of motion; vibration mode - by driving the pendulum rotation, to provide vibration function. DC permanent magnet motor will produce noise, what is the reason? Is it that the longevity has arrived? In fact, ah, not all of the DC motor with a long time will produce noise. The discovery of noise is generally caused by three reasons:

1, DC motor bearing sound: the general replacement of DC motor bearings can be ruled out, the bearing surface appears to be intact, but many factors are likely to hurt the bearing: pressure bearing pressure into the force point of the shaft and bearing with too tight, Loaded into the bearing chamber bearing force is too large or the rotor balance caused by radial bearing uneven force.


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