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Common Faults And Maintenance Of DC Motor

Oemotor Electric Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Motors in the industrial and agricultural production plays an important role, has brought about great convenience to people's lives. Although more complex structure of DC motor, use and maintenance more difficult, more expensive, but because of its good speed performance, advantages of large starting torque, this paper analyzes the structure, working principle and common faults in their work, and some methods of routine maintenance. DC check before using cyclophosphamide using compressed air or internal dust manual hair dryer blowing motors, brushes, powder, dirt debris. ② removal and motor connections all wiring, insulation resistance measurement of insulation resistance of the windings on the stator frame. If less than 0. When the 5M, should be dried, after passing the measure and then remove the Terminal recovery. ③ check the commutator surface bright and clean, and if there is mechanical damage or fire burns should carry out the necessary processing.


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