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Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor Reduction Ratio Algorithm

Oemotor Electric Co.,Limited | Updated: May 24, 2017

   Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor The ratio of the reduction ratio, that is, the gear ratio of the reduction gear device, is a ratio of the transmission ratio, which means the ratio of the instantaneous input speed to the output speed in the retarder, denoted by the symbol "i".

Mountain Society planetary deceleration stepper motor to provide reduction ratio of 5,10,20,30,40,100 and other reducer.

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor Reduction ratio calculation method:

1, the definition of calculation method: reduction ratio = input speed ÷ output speed, the connection of the input speed and output speed ratio, such as the input speed of 1500r / min, the output speed of 25r / min, then the reduction ratio is: i = 60: 1

2, the gear system calculation method: reduction ratio = driven gear teeth ÷ the number of active gear teeth (if the multi-stage gears slow down, then all the meshing of a pair of gear sets of the number of driven gear ÷ the number of active gear, and then the results Can be multiplied.

3, belt, chain and friction wheel reduction ratio calculation method: reduction ratio = driven wheel diameter ÷ drive wheel diameter.

So, how to choose a reduction ratio and other parameters are appropriate reducer? Today, the mountain community 57 series planetary gearbox, for example, the conventional reduction ratio of 5,10,20 three. The main features of this gearbox:

1, low noise, noise ≦ 60dB.

2, long life, life reach 8000H.

3, high precision, a deceleration (gear box length 53mm) rotation accuracy ≦ 15arcmin, two deceleration (minus

Speed box length 70mm) Rotation accuracy ≦ 25arcmin

4, large torque output, high efficiency, a deceleration (gear box length 53mm) efficiency of 95%, two deceleration

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor (Gearbox length 70mm) efficiency of 90%, a variety of reduction ratio selection.

Know the mountain community 57 series planetary reducer conventional reduction ratio, in these specifications to choose their own needs, according to their own needs to choose, the main parameter is (torque speed) to take 57PG1400-005 model of the deceleration step Into the motor, for example, the motor is 6n.m static torque, speed one or two turn, stepper motor speed 6n.m in one or two hundred turn also left 4n.m or so, now the speed and torque have You can choose according to their own needs to slow down the ratio. There is a principle that the motor actual torque * reduction ratio * efficiency> the actual requirements of the output torque.

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