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Hybrid Stepper Motor Mainly Depends On The Motor

Oemotor Electric Co.,Limited | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Hybrid Stepper Motor Mainly depends on the motor

Hybrid stepper motor common heat problems

1, hybrid stepper motor heating a reasonable range:

The degree to which the motor is allowed to heat depends primarily on the internal insulation level of the motor. Internal insulation performance at high temperatures (130 degrees or more) will be destroyed. So as long as the internal does not exceed 130 degrees, the motor will not damage the ring, the surface temperature to 90 degrees below, so the hybrid stepper motor surface temperature of 70 to 80 degrees are normal. Simple temperature measurement methods are: with the thermometer, you can also roughly judge: hand can touch 1 to 2 seconds or more, not more than 60 degrees; hand can only touch about 70 ~ 80 degrees; drop a few drops of water , Rapid gasification, then more than 90 degrees.

2, hybrid stepper motor heating with the speed of change:

When using constant current drive technology, the hybrid stepper motor at constant and low speed, the current will remain constant to maintain constant torque output. Speed to a certain extent, the motor internal back electromotive force increases, the current will gradually decline, the torque will decline. Therefore, the heat caused by copper loss is related to speed. Static and low speed when the general high fever, high fever when low. But the iron loss (although the proportion of smaller) changes in the situation is not the case, and the whole heat of the motor is the sum of the two, so the above is only the general situation.

3, the impact of heat:

Although the motor heat generally does not affect the life of the motor, for most customers do not have to bother. But serious will bring some negative effects. If the thermal expansion coefficient of the internal parts of the motor is different, resulting in changes in structural stress, and the small changes in the internal air gap, will affect the dynamic response of the motor, high speed will easily out of step. And if some occasions do not allow the motor overheating, such as medical equipment and high-precision test equipment. So the heat of the motor should be the necessary control.

4, how to reduce the motor fever:

Reduce heat, that is, to reduce copper loss and iron loss.

Reduce the copper loss in two directions: to reduce the resistance and current, which requires the selection in the selection of small resistance and small current rating of the motor. For two-phase motor, can be used in series motor without parallel motor. But this often contradicts the requirements of torque and high speed. For the selected motor, you should take full advantage of the drive's automatic half-flow control function and off-line function, the former in the motor is static when the automatic reduction of current, the latter simply cut off the current. In addition, the subdivision drive as the current waveform close to the sine, less harmonic, the motor will be less heat.

Reduce the way the iron loss is not much, the voltage level associated with the high-voltage drive motor will bring high-speed characteristics of the upgrade, but also bring the increase in heat. So you should choose the appropriate drive voltage level, taking into account the high speed, smoothness and heat, noise and other indicators.


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