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Hybrid Stepper Motor Moment Frequency Characteristics

Oemotor Electric Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

Hybrid Stepper Motor Moment frequency characteristics

Mixed Stepper Motor Terminology:

Motor torque characteristics: motor under certain test conditions measured in the output torque and pulse frequency relationship between the curve called the motor torque characteristics, which is the motor many dynamic curve of the most important, but also the basis for motor selection. At low speed, the motor torque is close to the static moment, and as the motor speed increases, the motor output torque is constantly attenuated. The dynamic torque of the motor depends on the phase current during motor operation. Under the rated current and voltage, the greater the phase current, the greater the motor output torque at low speed, the higher the voltage, the greater the torque at high speed. The same motor torque characteristics of the curve under different drivers that there will be differences, so the selection to leave margin.

Motor resonance point: stepper motor has a relatively fixed resonance area, 2,4-phase hybrid stepper motor resonance zone is generally between 180 ~ 250pps (step angle of 1.8 degrees). The higher the motor drive voltage, the greater the motor current, the lighter the load, the smaller the motor volume, the resonant area is shifted upward. In order to make the motor output torque, not out of step and the system to reduce the noise, the general operating point should be more than the resonance area.

Phase number: refers to the motor inside the coil group number, the current commonly used two-phase, three-phase, four-phase, five-phase stepper motor. Step angle: corresponds to a pulse signal, the motor rotor turned angular displacement. General two-phase motor step angle of 1.8 degrees, that is, the motor movement 200 steps for a week.

Static Torque (HOLDING TORQUE): refers to the stepper motor through the rated current but did not turn, the stator locked rotor torque. It is one of the most important parameters of the stepper motor, and the torque of the stepper motor at low speed is usually close to the static moment.

Locating torque (DETENT TORQUE): refers to the stepper motor is not energized, the stator locked rotor torque.

Step angle Accuracy: The error between the actual value and the theoretical value of the stepping motor for each step angle. Expressed as a percentage: (error / step angle)? 0? 7 100%. The error of the step angle is not accumulated.

Maximum no-load starting frequency: the maximum frequency at which the motor can be started directly in the absence of load in a drive form, voltage and rated current.

Maximum no-load operating frequency: the motor in a certain drive form, voltage and rated current, the motor without load the maximum operating frequency.

Phase current: The current through which the motor windings pass.


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