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Hybrid Stepper Motor The Winding Is Connected

Oemotor Electric Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Hybrid Stepper Motor The winding is connected

Three-phase hybrid stepp er motor generally three-phase winding connected into a star or triangle, in accordance with the circuit theorem, the sum of three-phase current is zero. It is generally only necessary to generate a given signal of the two-phase winding, and the given signal of the third-phase winding can be obtained from the other two phases. Similarly, only the actual current of the corresponding two-phase winding is sampled. The practical current of the third-phase winding can be obtained according to the formula. Ie IU + IV + IW = 0.

       Three-phase hybrid multi-subdivision stepper motor driver, the system selection of current stalking and pulse width modulation skills, the motor phase current phase difference of 120 ° sine wave, power drive circuit selection of six MOS tube.

       As the three-phase hybrid stepper motor than the two-phase stepper motor has a very good low-speed smoothness and output torque, so three-phase hybrid stepper motor than two-phase stepper motor has a very good use prospects. The traditional three-phase hybrid stepper motor control methods are based on hardware contrast. Stepping motor as a digital actuator, in the motion control system has been widely used. Many users friends in the use of stepper motor time, feel

The motor work when there is a big fever, doubts, I do not know whether this phenomenon is normal. In practice, fever is a general phenomenon of stepper motors, but what happens

Hot level is normal, and how to minimize the stepper motor fever?

      First of all, to understand why stepper motor heat

  On a variety of stepper motors, the internal are composed of core and winding coil. Winding has resistance, power will produce loss, loss of size and resistance and electricity

The square of the flow is proportional, this is what we often say that the copper loss, if the current is not a standard DC or sine wave, but also produce harmonic loss; give a hysteresis vortex effect

, In the alternating magnetic field will produce loss, its size and data, current, frequency, voltage, this is called iron loss. Copper loss and iron loss will be the way the performance of fever

Out, thus affecting the efficiency of the motor. Stepper motor common pursuit of positioning accuracy and torque output, the efficiency is relatively low, the current is generally larger, and harmonic components,

The frequency of alternating current also changes with the speed, so stepper motor prevalence of heat conditions, and the situation than the normal AC motor serious.


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