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PM Stepper Motor Motor Speed

Oemotor Electric Co.,Limited | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

PM Stepper Motor Motor speed

PM stepper motor is an open-loop control element PM stepper motor that converts an electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line displacement. In the case of non-overload, the motor speed, stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, without the impact of load changes, when the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the PM stepper motor Rotate a fixed angle in the set direction, called the "step angle", and its rotation is run at a fixed angle step by step. You can control the number of pulses to control the angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; at the same time by controlling the pulse frequency to control the motor speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed.

PM stepper motor is a kind of induction motor, its working principle is the use of electronic circuits, the DC into a time-sharing power supply, multi-phase timing control current, with this current PM stepper motor power supply, PM stepper motor Normal operation, the drive is for the PM stepper motor time-sharing power supply, multi-phase timing controller.

Although the PM stepper motor has been widely used, but the PM stepper motor and can not like ordinary DC motor, AC motor under normal use. It must be double ring pulse signal, power drive circuit and other components of the control system can be used. So it is not easy to use the PM stepper motor, it involves the mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer and many other professional knowledge. PM stepper motor vibration and noise generated by several solutions:

In general, PM stepper motor in operation, about 200pps may have a very serious vibration, or even out of sync phenomenon. This is because the electronic machine is a quality object, when running close to the natural frequency of the rotor, it will produce vibration.


1, to avoid the vibration area so that the motor frequency is not in this range

2, the use of subdivision of the drive mode: the original step to complete the action in several steps to complete, reduce the vibration. General half-step operation, the motor torque is 15% less than the whole step, and the use of sine wave electric control flow, the torque will be reduced by 30%. PM stepper motor has a technical parameter:

No-load start frequency, that is, PM stepper motor in the case of no-load can start the normal pulse frequency, if the pulse frequency is higher than the value of the motor can not start normally, may occur stealing or stall. In the case of a load, the starting frequency should be lower. If you want to make the motor to achieve high-speed rotation, the pulse frequency should be accelerated process, that is, the starting frequency is low, and then according to a certain acceleration to the desired high frequency (motor speed from low speed to high speed). In addition to the above reasons, the whistle may also be caused by the load is too large, high-speed operation of the motor output torque will drop, can not meet the load requirements of the motor stall, and the whistle will change with the frequency The change is to reduce the speed or replace the torque with the larger motor. In addition, the motor will appear short after the high-speed operation stops the whistle, which is caused by chopping the phase current, simply set the automatic half-flow on the drive panel to be effective.

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